Friday Freebie: Create Great Looking Graphics with Canva!

Today's Friday Freebie is Canva ( and it is a real gem! As the tagline on their site says, it is "amazingly simple graphic design."

Right now the site is in Beta and you can request a request an account by "reserving your username". I did that and it took less than 12 hours for my account to be activated. Once I was in, the fun started!

Canva includes a great variety of templates to start with, from a document to a presentation to a blog graphic to a Facebook cover and more! You can use their predetermined dimensions or enter custom dimensions if you need. Once you pick your "overall" template then you have a multitude of design choices.

Each design choice is beautifully crafted with great graphics, colors, and fonts. You can, of course, tweak to your liking by adding more elements or moving or resizing objects. You can also upload your own photos or use some of their stock images.

The resulting graphics are fantastic. And when you're done, you can download your design as an image or a PDF ready for printing. There are a few "premium" graphics and to download or use those, you have to pay about $1 a piece. I'm so hooked, I'm sure they'll get some of my hard earned cash soon!

So start designing and have fun with it!

(Here's a blog graphic I created this morning in less than 5 minutes.)


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