Easily Turn Quotes Into Masterpieces!

I've taken a bit of a hiatus during the holidays, but I'm back now! So, I want to quickly share a great site I found that lets you easily turn quotes into graphical masterpieces.

Head over to www.recitethis.com and see how easy it is to create great graphics in a snap. You simply type in a quote (or search for quotes with their built in quote search tool). Then you scroll through the dozens of templates they offer to get a quick preview of what your quote will look like. Once you  find the one you like, click Create and you're done! It couldn't be any easier.

The finished graphic can be posted on  Tumblr, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Facebook, or Twitter. Or, you can share a link, send an email, or simply download the image as a png file.

Here are three different renderings of a quote that I created. (I created the graphics not the quote!) Enjoy!


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