Packing up for TCEA!

In six short days, I pack up and head up to Austin for the Texas Computer Educators' Association (TCEA) annual state conference. Normally when I travel I fret over what clothes to pack.  However, since I'm on the Board of Directors for TCEA what I wear each day is prescribed for me in great detail. 

What does have scratching my head is what kind of devices I need to pack! For most trips, I usually pack one device. But I'm finding out for this trip I have to take multiple devices with me - it's a whole technology based week!

My first and favorite device of choice is my Samsung Chromebook. This is the device I normally take. It's light, very portable, boots up fast, and has a very long battery life. Since my students and I are presenting on our Chromebook 1-1, this is a "must take." Plus, this year, we're taking a good sized group of teachers and we'll be taking notes together via GoogleDocs. We've also created a Google+ community for ourselves that we'll use as an online meeting place. That's device #1. 

During our Chromebook presentation I really want to talk about the future of our 1-1 and talk about how we're looking at Google based mobile devices. So my new Nexus 7 may need to take the trip with me. Device #2.

Come Thursday, I'm presenting in a jam packed iPad Slam session where several colleagues and I will share our favorite apps. While they're supplying the iPad for the presentation, I want to be well prepared for the smack down and will need to revisit my apps Wednesday night. So ..... Device #3.

Now normally I wouldn't lug my MacBook Pro along with me on a trip like this. While it's my "go to" tool for photo and video editing it's pretty big and heavy. However ... as soon as TCEA is over on Friday, I'm jumping over to join the ATPI (Association of Texas Photography Instructors) conference. I'm hoping to learn a whole lot more about PhotoShop and Lightroom, so I need to have my MacBook with me. Device #4.

Add my iPhone to the mix (since I never go anywhere with that) and, taa-daa ... Device #5.

I'll also need my Canon Rebel DSLR. All my chargers. All my peripherals. All my cases. On and on and on! I guess I'd better start packing. 

And, the next time my wife says she needs yet another pair of black shoes because none of the 6 pairs of blacks shoes she already has will work, I'll just smile, nod, and say "I understand dear."
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