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Friday Freebie: Add voice comments to Google Docs with Kaizena

At the start of the school year, our administrative team was lucky enough to visit the Toyota plant in San Antonio. It was a fascinating tour as we learned not only how Toyota trucks are assembled, but how the Toyota corporation instills their company vision into all its employees.

Key to their success is their underlying philosophy of continuous improvement - or as its called in Japanese, "Kaizen".  Production, morale, and systems in general are constantly examined and improvement in all areas is emphasized and implemented. And, the improvements can come from all levels - from management to assembly line workers. Everyone is constantly looking for ways to improve.

The idea of Kaizen is the backbone of today's Friday Freebie - a great online tool called Kaizena. Kaizena allows users to connect to their GoogleDrive and insert voice comments into any Google Document. Simply give Kaizena permission to access your Drive, open a document, highlight the text you want to comme…

The Archetypes: Creating a Shared Vision

Last Friday, our district technology team (all 6 of us) left the office, all our cell phones, and ties to the school and took a mini-retreat off campus. The purpose of the day was to take some much needed time to assess where we are now and to look at our long-range goals for technology in our district. Attendees included myself (Director of Technology), our Systems Administrator guru, our three incredible technology specialists, and our amazing administrative assistant.

It was great idea and I knew all were looking forward to looking at our concrete short-term and long-term goals, but I wanted to start the day off with a little writing. Without any prior "head up" notice, I told the team at the start of the day, that I wanted us to spend time creating a vision statement and mission statement for our team.

I wasn't really sure how this was going to be received. Having served in a variety of roles in educational administration, I've done this before. I know how exhil…