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The Password Is .... (Creating a Secure Password)

As teachers head back to work, they face the dreaded task of trying to remember all the passwords they have for various technology tools. They may have a password to log on to their computer, another for their email, one for the website, another for their grade book, and on and on and on....

It's important to create secure passwords, but the difficult task is how to create a strong password that you can remember. Most sites suggest using a combination of both upper case and lower case letters, along with numbers and special characters. You could rely on an online random password generator to do this for you. For example, I went to and it created this password for me:
hy5C)qH} That's great, but I'll never remember that! So, here's my favorite way to create a strong password that you'll easily remember - create a mnemonic. A mnemonic is a "pattern" of letters or characters that assists in remembering something.

For example, the f…

Motivation Monday! A Link Party Blog Post!

I'm terribly excited about my blog post today because it is part of a larger effort being conducted by "The Compelled Educator", the fabulous Jennifer Hogan. Jennifer has invited bloggers around the globe to spread some motivational love today and she will connect our posts.You can see other bloggers' motivational posts by clicking the Link Party icon below.

Now, I'm taking the somewhat easy way out today and reposting two of my favorite posts I've already written. They are both motivational in nature. In the first, I recall a fantastic reunion with my 5th grade teacher, who after 41 years is still going strong. In the second, I share some advice with my favorite first year year teacher in the whole world - my daughter. I hope you enjoy these posts and the connected words of wisdom in our link party.

Dinner With Mrs. Walters A quick warning: Today's blog post has nothing to do with technology. It does, however, have everything to do with the power of educ…