The Password Is .... (Creating a Secure Password)

As teachers head back to work, they face the dreaded task of trying to remember all the passwords they have for various technology tools. They may have a password to log on to their computer, another for their email, one for the website, another for their grade book, and on and on and on....

It's important to create secure passwords, but the difficult task is how to create a strong password that you can remember. Most sites suggest using a combination of both upper case and lower case letters, along with numbers and special characters. You could rely on an online random password generator to do this for you. For example, I went to and it created this password for me:


That's great, but I'll never remember that! So, here's my favorite way to create a strong password that you'll easily remember - create a mnemonic. A mnemonic is a "pattern" of letters or characters that assists in remembering something.

For example, the following password may seem like nonsense at first glance:


Looks like a random series of numbers and letters in both upper and lower case. It doesn't look any easier to remember than the randomly generated one. But when you see this.....

the last Dallas Cowboys win in the Super Bowl was in 96!

Now, you see how easy it is to remember.And you can do this with anything - lyrics to a song, your favorite Bible verse, an inside joke, the address where you grew up. The possibilities are endless and the passwords end up being strong and memorable.

So give it a shot and enjoy your new found cybersecurity.

Image: By Scott Schiller (Flickr: Master lock, "r00t" password) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Peter ModrĂ¡k said…
Good article, I am using this method but I am reusing some passwords on less important sites (but of course I don't have only 1 password for these sites). I think this is a good compromise because it's not possible to have different password for each account and remember them. If you want to read something more about reusing passwords, I can recommend this article: .

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