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The Absolute Best Transcription Error Ever!

Tonight I decided to activate my Google Voice account in my new Google account. For those you unfamiliar with Google Voice, the service gives you a phone number for free. You can then redirect that Google Voice phone number to any existing line or lines. when someone calls your Google Voice number, you can have your home phone, office phone, and cell phone all ring. Or, you can designate which one rings when. You can direct the service to transfer calls from specific people to specific lines. It's a great service.

On top of that, if people leave a voice message, Google Voice will transcribe the message and email it to you. I wanted to test the feature, so I called my Google number and waited for the voice message service to pick. I then very clearly said ...

"Hey. This is you testing Google Voice. Bye" 
Just a few seconds later, I received an email from Google with the transcribed message. Here is that email transcription:

I have no idea how it got that statement from my…

Go Crazy With GoNoodle

I never want to assume anything. But often when I run across a website, I assume everyone else already knows about it. Today's Friday Freebie may be old news to many of you, but I want to be sure teachers know about GoNoodle - a plethora of free and fun "brain breaks" for your students.

GoNoodle provides short interactive videos to use to get your students up and active. It's a perfect site to use as an energizer between activities. Whether dancing to some Zumba music or pretending to jump high hurdles in an Olympic race, your students will LOVE the GoNoodle videos. As you've probably guessed by now, GoNoodle is geared towards younger students. (I'm not sure any high school kid would join your silliness dancing to a "Wiggle It" video, but you never know.) We have, however, used GoNoodle on teachers!

Once you create a free account in GoNoodle, you create classes. Every time you want to use a video, you select a class first. Each class has a class ma…

Friday Freebie: Create in 3D with TinkerCad!

3D printing is a hot tech topic these days. Unfortunately, we don;t all have access to a 3D printer. (At least not yet.).

But, that doesn't mean that our students can't be exposed to 3D creation. Today's Friday Freebie is a great free online tool for 3D design that's designed to be simple and easy to use - it's TinkerCad. Once you create a free account, you can watch a brief video tutorial, or just venture off on your own and play!

The system comes pre-loaded with shapes, letters, numbers, and symbols. Simply drag them onto the 3D table and manipulate them from there. You can adjust any of the three dimension (height, width, and length). You can combine elements into one and even add "holes" using those same pre-built elements. The possibilities are endless. Plane and camera controls allows you to twist and turn your creation to get a real 3D view!

If you do have access to a 3D printer, all designs can be downloaded in formats compatible with 3D printers.

Friday Freebie: Safely Share YouTube Videos With Your Students!

Let's face it, teachers love YouTube! There is a lot of great stuff out there to share with students. But, whether your displaying a video in class or posting a link on your website, you have to be careful. On the YouTube page itself there are tons of links to other videos, and sometimes comments from other viewers. And, no matter how innocent and appropriate the video itself may be, there are times these links and comments are wildly inappropriate for young eyes.
There is an easy solution - SafeShare. And when I say easy, I mean EASY. Here's what you do ... Find the YouTube video you want to share and copy the URL (web address) of the video. Go to www.SafeShare.tvPaste the YouTube link in the box under "Paste a YouTube Link"Click "Generate Safe Link"After the Link is created you'll see a preview of your safe link and link to go to the safe view.There is an option under that to "Customize Video" that allows you to change the title, the backgro…