Go Crazy With GoNoodle

I never want to assume anything. But often when I run across a website, I assume everyone else already knows about it. Today's Friday Freebie may be old news to many of you, but I want to be sure teachers know about GoNoodle - a plethora of free and fun "brain breaks" for your students.

GoNoodle provides short interactive videos to use to get your students up and active. It's a perfect site to use as an energizer between activities. Whether dancing to some Zumba music or pretending to jump high hurdles in an Olympic race, your students will LOVE the GoNoodle videos. As you've probably guessed by now, GoNoodle is geared towards younger students. (I'm not sure any high school kid would join your silliness dancing to a "Wiggle It" video, but you never know.) We have, however, used GoNoodle on teachers!

Once you create a free account in GoNoodle, you create classes. Every time you want to use a video, you select a class first. Each class has a class mascot, called a champ and your "champ" will grow every time you take a brain break.

Straight from the GoNoodle website, here are its key features*:

  • Free. Any teacher, anywhere, can create a free GoNoodle account and start using interactive brain breaks right away.
  • Research-based Brain Break Activities: Using exercise science and cutting-edge research, we’ve designed all of GoNoodle’s brain break activities to be healthy for the body, engaging for the attention, and beneficial to the brain in specific ways.
  • Play in 5 Minutes Or Less: Transition the classroom from listless to engaged in five minutes. GoNoodle takes no time to setup, and each game is designed to be played in 5 minutes or less.
  • Designed for Long-Term Engagement: GoNoodle makes earning minutes of healthy activity a game that your class plays together. Motivate kids to set goals for minutes of activity and reward them for being diligent. Each class chooses a Champ -- a virtual mascot -- who grows as the class earns the minutes needed to advance to the next level. Reward them for engagement by helping them grow their Champ.
  • Multiple Classes: For teachers who see multiple groups of kids each day, GoNoodle can be easily set up so that each class has their own game progress, Champ, and rewards.
Our teachers and kiddos absolutely love it! So what are you waiting for? Get up and GoNoodle!

*Key features from: http://support.gonoodle.com/knowledgebase/articles/191223-what-is-gonoodle
Image from: https://d10yxps77g0gdr.cloudfront.net/image-assets/shared/logos/logo-green-spots.png


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