The Absolute Best Transcription Error Ever!

Tonight I decided to activate my Google Voice account in my new Google account. For those you unfamiliar with Google Voice, the service gives you a phone number for free. You can then redirect that Google Voice phone number to any existing line or lines. when someone calls your Google Voice number, you can have your home phone, office phone, and cell phone all ring. Or, you can designate which one rings when. You can direct the service to transfer calls from specific people to specific lines. It's a great service.

On top of that, if people leave a voice message, Google Voice will transcribe the message and email it to you. I wanted to test the feature, so I called my Google number and waited for the voice message service to pick. I then very clearly said ...

"Hey. This is you testing Google Voice. Bye" 

Just a few seconds later, I received an email from Google with the transcribed message. Here is that email transcription:

I have no idea how it got that statement from my voice message, but frankly I don't care. That's a mistake I can definitely live with!

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Very cool. Google knows all!
Susan Butler said…
Did you port your calls? I am a little confused about the phone carrier change issue

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