Friday Freebie: Let Your Voice be Heard with AdobeVoice!

Some time ago, I shared one of my favorite presentation tools, Haiku.  It's an easy to use app that allows you to create visually appealing presentations in minutes and has an incredible library of built in high quality images. It's a super tool. So, what could be better than that?

Well, I may have found the answer. Enter Adobe Voice, a free iOS app that also allows users to easily add content to slides (in the form of images, text, or symbols). The user can also choose from a variety of sleek looking themes. With the themes, colors and fonts are automatically chosen, giving students time to concentrate on content rather than spending way too much time on picking out colors and fonts. As with Haiku, users can use a built in library of symbols and incredibly powerful images (all searchable and free to use). Users can also upload their images from their iPad, DropBox, or Facebook accounts. If you just need text on a slide, you can add that instead of a symbol or image.

But here comes the kicker! On each slide, students can add their voice! Using a simple push and hold record button, students add narration to each slide one at a time. It couldn't be any easier! Finish it off by adding a music bed (again from a built in library or from your iPad). Adobe Voice automatically adds great transitions for you!

There may be one thing you or students don't like, but I think it's great. As I said, on each slide you can add a symbol, an image, or text. But, you cannot add more than one of those choices. In other words, if you add a symbol, you can't add text on top of that. Your students may balk at that, but here's why I like it ... Too many times our students create presentations that they simply read off when presenting. They stand at the front of the classroom and read bullet lists to us word for word. Adobe Voice will force them to really have a grasp of the content and be able to speak about it fluently without the use of bullet lists and long paragraphs of texts. I think what we'll end up seeing is from our students if they use Adobe Voice is a more TED Talk like presentation!

You will need to create an account with Adobe Voice to use it. You can use your Facebook account or Adobe account if you have one, or simply create a free Adobe Voice account when you get started. When you're done creating, you can share your presentation via Facebook, Twitter, by email link to the hosted video, or you can download it to your camera roll.

So, let you voice be heard with Adobe Voice!


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