Friday Freebie: Send URL's out with sound!

So you have a website you want all your students to go to on their laptops? Well, you can write the web address on the board and pray that they all type it in right the first time. Or, you can add a link to your teacher page and have them click through a couple of pages before they get there. Or .....

You can install the new Google Tone extension to your Chrome Browser. Be sure to install the extension on your students' machines as well.* Then, you simply navigate to the page you want to share and click the Google Tone icon that will be placed near your search toolbar.

You'll hear some beeping sounds that remind me of R2D2! Each student within earshot range will get a pop up notification on the bottom right hand corner of their screen that will say "URL from ..." and your Google username. (They do, of course either need to be on a Chromebook or on a machine running the Chrome browser.) They simply click on the notification and they are taken to the page. Couldn't be any easier!

This tool will prove especially useful with younger kiddos that have trouble typing in web addresses. Enjoy!

*Your Google Apps for Education administrator can push the extension out to all users automatically.

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Susan Butler said…
LOVE, LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing

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