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Friday Freebie: The New Google Photos - Amazing!

Google just launched their new photos back-up and syncing system - Google Photos. (Not to be confused with Google+ Photos, which is easy to do.

I though the best way to show you how cool this is, was to record a brief video introduction. Enjoy!

Virtual Reality Made Of Cardboard! Seriously folks ... Cardboard!

Last Wednesday , I was fortunate to attend one of Google's Texas Roadshows. It was a day long event hosted here in San Antonio. Some incredible folks from Google conducted the event, along with our local hosts from Judson ISD. We got to hear about some future plans for Google Apps for Education, learn about the new teacher certification programs, delve deeply into the GAFE administrative console, and dialogue with other techies in the San Antonio area.

But the highlight of the day for this big 'ol geek was the chance to play around with the new Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is a small cardboard viewing device that allows you to immerse yourself in virtual reality. All it requires is a Google Cardboard device, a smart phone (Android or iOS), and a compatible app.

If you've never experienced VR, you're in for a treat. In VR you "interact" with your environment by simply moving your head in the direction you want to view. The app responds as if you were in …