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Friday Freebie: Dreamscope - Simply Amazing!

I'm filing this week's Friday Freebie under the category "I hate telling people about this app because now I won't look like a tech wizard!" In other words, once you see how simple it is to take an image like this...

and turn it into this .....

then you won't find my skills so impressive.
The app I used to do this is called Dreamscope. It's iOS only, but you can find it for iPhone or iPad. You'll have to create a Dreamscope account, but it's free and easy. Once in, you can take a picture or select one from you camera roll and then you simply apply one of their amazing filters. Now, because the processing of the images is so sophisticated, it takes about 3-5 minutes to process. But, as you can see from the picture above, the results are well worth the wait.
Here's a BEFORE and AFTER of a picture I took with my iPhone processed with a Watercolor filter:

Your free account also gives you a free online gallery to share. Here's a LINK to mine.

Wednesday Weigh In: Student Voice on EdTech

Welcome to the first installment of the "Wednesday Weigh In" - a feature I hope to have every week here in my blog. The idea is to talk to students and get their honest and candid feedback on technology and education.

This week features Cole senior, Christian. In this episode I conducted an exercise I call nRed Light, Green Light, Yellow Light in which I ask three important questions:

Red Light: What are teachers doing with technology now that they should STOP doing
Green Light: What are teachers not doing with technology that they should START doing
Yellow Light: What are teachers doing with technology now that they should KEEP doing I think you'll appreciate Christian's honest views! and, I hope you'll forgive me for getting mixed up with my "lights" halfway through the interview (thank goodness Christian was there to save me!). I also plan on getting a better mic/recorder for next week.

If you have ideas for future prompts, please email me at drrjr…

Friday Freebie: Keep Your Google Drive Safe with the Google Authenticator App

Today's Friday Freebie isn't as glamorous or thrilling as some of my other offerings, but this free app is a "must have" if you use your Google account often (and let's face it, most of us do nowadays). It's called the Google Authenticator App and it adds a layer of security to your Google account. It does this through 2-step verification.
Two-step verification is a more secure way to log in to an account. Many services offer it, like Google , Facebook, Twitter, and more. It is safer than just a password, because 2-step verification relies on two things - (1) something you know and (2) something you have. The thing you know is your username and password. The thing you have is your smartphone with the Authenticator app on it. The app generates 6 digit codes that change at timed intervals. When you attempt to log in to your Google account from any computer, you enter your username and password and Google asks for the 6 digit code that is displayed on your phone.…

The Life of a Military Brat: Resilience, respect, and responsibility redefined

For the past fifteen years, I have been blessed to work in the Ft. Sam Houston School District in San Antonio, Texas. We are a unique district in that, while we are a public school district, we reside entirely on a military installation. Thus, all of our students are military dependents. These military "brats", as they affectionately call themselves, are a unique breed. Facing constant mobility, deployment, and trauma, they do so with incredible bravery and resilience.

A few days ago, one of 2013 graduates posted a link to an article he wrote about his experience growing up as a military child. His reflections are incredible. I asked for permission to post them here and Andrew was kind enough to allow me to do so. It's a long read, but well worth it. Without further ado, here is ....

My Life As A Military Brat Resilience, respect and responsibility redefined. Andrew C Cardenas in Lifestyle on Jan 18, 2016*
About two weeks ago, I was shadowing at a hospital and a radiologis…