Wednesday Weigh In: Student Voice on EdTech

Welcome to the first installment of the "Wednesday Weigh In" - a feature I hope to have every week here in my blog. The idea is to talk to students and get their honest and candid feedback on technology and education.

This week features Cole senior, Christian. In this episode I conducted an exercise I call nRed Light, Green Light, Yellow Light in which I ask three important questions:

Red Light: What are teachers doing with technology now that they should STOP doing
Green Light: What are teachers not doing with technology that they should START doing
Yellow Light: What are teachers doing with technology now that they should KEEP doing
I think you'll appreciate Christian's honest views! and, I hope you'll forgive me for getting mixed up with my "lights" halfway through the interview (thank goodness Christian was there to save me!). I also plan on getting a better mic/recorder for next week.

If you have ideas for future prompts, please email me at Thanks and enjoy!


Ron Wright said…
Great idea and wonderful to hear student voice. Thank you Christian.
Elda Mancha said…
What an innovative idea and invaluable feedback for teachers! Always important to take students perspective into account. Thank you Christian and Dr. Rios! Job well done!

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