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Wednesday Weigh In: A View From the Outside

Today's "Wednesday Weigh In" brings us an interesting perspective of the use of technology in schools and among students - specifically schools and students in America. This week, I had the pleasure of visiting with Juan, a student from Colombia spending his senior year in San Antonio.

I hope you enjoy this great interview. Please leave comments for Juan and I'll be sure to pass them along!

Friday Freebie: It's All About Me!

Okay, it's not really all about me. But, today's Friday Freebie may, at first, sound just a tad egotistical. However, the free service has great merit, especially if you present a lot.

Usually, at the end of a presentation, you want to share your contact info with your audience, so what do you do? You add a slide with your name, your title, your district, your email address, your Facebook page, your blog url, your twitter handle, your Google+ page, and on and on and on. Then your audience scrambles to write it all down or snap a quick photo of the slide.

Wouldn't is be easier to share one URL with them that has all your contact info? That's the idea behind And, it's so simple.

Create a free account. Choose a theme. Add the links you want from their list of popular social media icons or type in your own links. Upload a picture if you'd like. Then choose a unique URL and publish! That's it. Then, use that URL to share all your contact info e…

Friday Freebie: Easily Create Stunning Graphics in Seconds with Adobe Post

I recently learned about a slew of Adobe mobile apps and one of my new favorite tools is Adobe Post. It's an iPhone app (that works just as well on the iPad) that allows you to very easily create beautiful image and text graphics.

You simply choose a photo as a backdrop, then add text. Sound too easy? And, here is the really cool part .... after you select your image, the app analyzes the image and chooses a font color palette for your text. And who knows more about creative design than Adobe? Certainly not me!

If you don't like the suggested font and color, you can choose a different design or adjust the color palette, but I have found that for the most part, Adobe Post makes great suggestions! After you're done you can share on social media, save to your camera roll, export to Google Drive, and more.

Here are a few of my own creations using Adobe Post ...

Wednesday Weigh In: Aime Discusses Stop Motion Animation!

You're in for a treat today! This week's Wednesday Weigh In features an amazing 7th grade student, Aime, whose passion is stop motion animation. He uses this incredible talent to make some really amazing videos.

Take a quick peek at his latest creation where he used stop motion animation for his 7th grade science project:

Now that you've seen some of his amazing work, listen to my interview with Aime!

Friday Freebie: A Plethora of Great Apps!

Years ago, I was blessed to be asked by Janet Corder and Joan Gore to be a part of an "App Smackdown" - a fast-paced round robin session where we shared educational and fun apps. We were joined by some other great techies and the session was a bug hit.

This week, at the TCEA 2016 Conference in Austin, Texas we did it yet again. This year's theme was "Universities" and we each represented our alma mater. The line up this year was impressive! I was lucky to present with Janet and Joan as well as Karen Wright-Balbier from El Paso, Todd "Tech Ninja Todd" Nesloney from Navasota and Chris Pombonyo from Florida.

Janet and Joan did a super job curating all the apps we shared on this WEBSITE. Take a look. Most are educational. Many are just fun. Enjoy!

Wednesday Weigh In: Alec on Coding!

This week's Wednesday Weigh In comes courtesy of my awesome nephew, Alec. Alec just moved to San Antonio and is a precocious 4th grade students who LOVES coding and gaming. We sat down together to talk about what makes coding so much fun and why he loves it so much. Hope you enjoy!

Top Image from:

What Are You Waiting For? Get Connected!

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It's the TCEA Convention and Exposition - a full week of networking, sharing, learning, and fun! And, this year's theme is near and dear to my heart - CONNECTED.
As educators we too often try to do everything by ourselves. We plan by ourselves. We problem solve by ourselves. We rejoice and sorrow by ourselves. With today's technology, that's insane. There are too many smart, talented, and kind educators out there who are willing to help for you not to reach out and connect.
And there are a multitude of ways to connect - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Voxer, and on and on. If you're not using at least one of these great tools to virtually connect to others, you are cheating yourself, and more importantly, your students. Too often, I hear, "I don't have time to get on those social networks." My feeling is you don't have time NOT to get on one.
I have a VAST network of educators I know and r…