Friday Freebie: It's All About Me!

Okay, it's not really all about me. But, today's Friday Freebie may, at first, sound just a tad egotistical. However, the free service has great merit, especially if you present a lot.

Usually, at the end of a presentation, you want to share your contact info with your audience, so what do you do? You add a slide with your name, your title, your district, your email address, your Facebook page, your blog url, your twitter handle, your Google+ page, and on and on and on. Then your audience scrambles to write it all down or snap a quick photo of the slide.

Wouldn't is be easier to share one URL with them that has all your contact info? That's the idea behind And, it's so simple.

Create a free account. Choose a theme. Add the links you want from their list of popular social media icons or type in your own links. Upload a picture if you'd like. Then choose a unique URL and publish! That's it. Then, use that URL to share all your contact info easily.

Check mine out at and then go make your own. This time, it's all about YOU!


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