Friday Freebie: A Plethora of Great Apps!

Years ago, I was blessed to be asked by Janet Corder and Joan Gore to be a part of an "App Smackdown" - a fast-paced round robin session where we shared educational and fun apps. We were joined by some other great techies and the session was a bug hit.

This week, at the TCEA 2016 Conference in Austin, Texas we did it yet again. This year's theme was "Universities" and we each represented our alma mater. The line up this year was impressive! I was lucky to present with Janet and Joan as well as Karen Wright-Balbier from El Paso, Todd "Tech Ninja Todd" Nesloney from Navasota and Chris Pombonyo from Florida.

Janet and Joan did a super job curating all the apps we shared on this WEBSITE. Take a look. Most are educational. Many are just fun. Enjoy!


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