Wednesday Weigh In: Aime Discusses Stop Motion Animation!

You're in for a treat today! This week's Wednesday Weigh In features an amazing 7th grade student, Aime, whose passion is stop motion animation. He uses this incredible talent to make some really amazing videos.

Take a quick peek at his latest creation where he used stop motion animation for his 7th grade science project:

Now that you've seen some of his amazing work, listen to my interview with Aime!


Elda Mancha said…
WOW!!! That was great Aime! It is evident that you put a lot of work into that project. Keep up the great work!
E. Mancha
Somerset ISD
Poetry Lane said…
Awesome interview! Your tireless effort is clearly displayed in this video and also in the Compost one as well. I congratulate your teachers for allowing you to use your high creativity and your passion to complete your class projects, where appropriate. Continue to nurture this talent, Aimé. You have the drive, too. To Dr.Rios, thanks for providing Aimé this opportunity in this spotlight. It is very encouraging to this future, Film Director, Politician (Senator) and Philisopher. =) We appreciate the support you've given him. Go Aimé! :D
Hello Aimé! Excellent work with the stop motion and great use of captions. Congratulations especially on getting featured! I know your work will go far. Keep it up!

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