Friday Freebie: The Most Dangerous Writing App!

Writing today's blog post is going to be a real challenge. It will be challenging because I'm using a FREE website called The Most Dangerous Writing App is a web-based simple text editor that forces users to type without thinking (or without stopping).

The premise is that people spend so much time THINKING about what they want to say that they never say anything. In this example I went the site and selected a 5 minute challenge. A text editor popped up and I've begun typing. If I stop typing for more than 5 seconds, the app will DELETE EVERYTHING I've typed. (In fact, this is my second attempt because I failed the first time!)

I still have 2 minutes left!

I can see English teachers using this in class to get students to just write. Don't think. Write! They could give students a prompt and then tell them all to start at the same time. I would HIGHLY recommend you start with just 5 minutes. The next level is 10 minutes, and I can't imagine doing that.

55 seconds to go!

Anyway, head on over to the site and give it a try. It really is much harder than you think. Thanks for reading and give me examples of how you might use this at your school.
Thanks again and hope to hear from


What's written above is exactly what I typed in the app during my five minute exercise. I did fix spelling errors but did not go back to fix any grammatical errors. Tons of thanks to Lori Fuller for sharing this site with me!


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