Friday Freebie: "Appear In" Your Own Video Conference

First and foremost, thanks to the incredible Miguel Guhlin for letting me know about today's Friday Freebie which I dub "The World's Easiest Video Conference System." It's  And, it truly is easy.

Navigate to and simply start a video conference. When you get to the landing page, you'll see auto-generated unique URL's for your session. It comes up with some crazy names. The first time I tried it, my video conference URL was One of my student tech interns had to point out to me that you can simply create your own URL buy typing in the text box where the unique names are being generated. (Smart kids!). So, I started a new session at

And that was it! I was in and could send the link to anyone else. All an attendee has to do is go to that URL and they're in too. You can have up to 8 people in a conference. Now, to "claim" a URL, you need an account, but it's FREE! So now, is my personal room forever. And, you can claim other rooms too!

Once a room is yours, you can change the background, invite others, force guests to "knock" before allowing them in, or even kick people out of your room if you need to. There's a built u chat feature and some fun special effects you can add on the video as well.

It's truly is a great tool. Give it a try and invite me in to your room when you do!


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